The Week in Pictures: Repeal and Replace Edition

My old mentor M. Stanton Evans liked to say that it is a good thing most House Republicans were pro-life, since they spent so much time in the fetal position. This week they roused themselves to vote an Obamacare repeal and replace bill. Now on to the Senate, where we will test another old proposition, that while Democrats are the opposition to House Republicans, the Senate is the enemy.

Sewnate Moiuntain


GOP Shoots foot. GOP Spine

Swamp Tours

Media Fix

Not Hillary

Media Cooked Democrats Change

Dem 100 Days

Regulatory Drag

Grooming Chelsea IMG_0294 IMG_6883

Vore for Me

Clinton Excuses 50 Shades of Green

IL Bankruptcy Hope and Change Nork Evolution

VZ fail

VZ vs Singapore

Headlines of the week (which might be satire):

Gluten Meth

Hate Math

I *think* this may be Photoshopped:

IMG_0296 (1)

Insomnia Sandwich chart Camping Weather Virgin

IMG_0293 Solar Wind dryer

McQueen Gun 2

And finally. . .