Multiple Terror Attacks in London, Days Before Election [Updated]

The details are even murkier than usual, but multiple terrorist attacks, apparently coordinated, killed at least seven people in London tonight. Five or more Muslims apparently collaborated in the attacks, which employed a vehicle that ran down pedestrians on London Bridge as well as knives and possibly one or more firearms. With Britain’s election scheduled for June 8 and Labour supposedly closing rapidly, the attacks, along with the recent mass murder in Manchester, could impact the election significantly.

It is hard to imagine that anyone concerned about Islamic terrorism–and in Britain, how could you not be?–would vote to make Jeremy Corbyn the prime minister. In an unfortunate bit of timing, it came to light yesterday that one of Corbyn’s key allies, Barbara Ntumy, tweeted in 2014:

one mans Jihadist/Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter #JustSaying

Ntumy, a member of the National Union of Students’ executive committee, introduced Corbyn at a meeting last week where he unveiled his “race and faith manifesto.” Ntumy’s repetition of a moron nic liberal cliche isn’t likely to win votes with British voters who are already concerned that Corbyn’s long history of sympathy for the IRA, Hamas and other terrorist groups makes him unfit for office.

UPDATE: As the dust has settled, it turns out that there was a single vehicle/knife attack carried out by three terrorists. Twelve more people have been arrested this morning. Prime Minister Teresa May is vowing to get tough with Muslim extremists, saying “Enough is enough.”

One policeman is being praised as a hero for taking on all three terrorists, armed only with a baton. He was seriously wounded but fortunately will survive. I haven’t seen anyone in the U.K. press asking why London still has policemen armed only with batons.