Persist in prayers

Yesterday Dr. Jack Sava, director of Trauma at Washington MedStar Hospital Center, held a 15-minute press conference to update the public on Scalise’s condition. Dr. Sava’s update is prefaced with a brief statement from Mrs. Scalise by chief of staff Brett Horton. Horton reiterated the family’s gratitude to the Capitol Police officers and first responders. I am posting the entirety of the C-SPAN video below.

We weren’t wrong to fear that Rep. Scalise was at death’s door when he arrived at Washington MedStar Hospital after the shooting rampage at the baseball field in Alexandria. According to Dr. Sava, he was “in critical condition with imminent risk of death” upon his arrival on Wednesday. He was as “critical as you can be when he came in.”

The gunshot that traversed Scalise’s pelvis did “substantial damage.” His road to recovery is long but his condition, while still critical, has improved. Dr. Sava stated that the nature of his job requires pessimism. He nevertheless sounded guardedly optimistic. Politico’s Rachel Bade reports on the press conference and here and on the reaction of Scalise’s friends in the House here.

Dr. Sava and his colleagues in Trauma at Washington MedStar obviously saved Rep. Scalise’s life. I take it that we owe our gratitude to him and them as well as to Capitol Police officers David Bailey and Crystal Griner.

Former congressional staffer Matt Mika was admitted to George Washington University Hospital for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds in critical condition. His condition has been upgraded to serious.

We should persist in our prayers for their recovery.


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