The General is in the house [UPDATED]

When Gen. Kelly took over as President Trump’s chief of staff, the question many asked was what this meant for Anthony Scaramucci, the new communications director. Scaramucci had taken the job with the understanding that he would report directly to Trump, bypassing Reince Priebus who was then chief of staff. It seemed extremely unlikely that Kelly would be willing to labor under such an arrangement.

Now we know that he won’t have to. President Trump has removed Scaramucci as communications director. He reportedly did so at Kelly’s request.

Will Scaramucci have any role in the Trump White House? According to the New York Times, it is not clear whether Mr. Scaramucci will remain employed at the White House in another position or will leave altogether.

I vote for “leave altogether.”

Does the firing of Scaramucci as communications director mean an end to, or substantial abatement of, White House chaos? I doubt it. But it’s a step in the right direction.

UPDATE: In his post on this subject, Steve wonders whether Scaramucci was an instrument for getting rid of Priebus. It’s a fair question.

However, it would speak poorly of President Trump if he felt he needed Scaramucci in order to fire Priebus. That’s something Trump should be able to do himself.

I think Trump wanted Scaramucci on the team. The New Yorker interview may (or may not) have weakened that desire. At a minimum, it must have convinced Kelly that (1) Scaramucci wouldn’t do and (2) sacking him would send an important message.


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