The Week in Pictures: We Want Tattoo Edition

I’m dizzy from this week. Why does the news cycle in the Trump era seem more like a blender turned on high (and with the lid off)? Is the the week Capitol Hill Republicans packed it in and ratified the old judgment that they are indeed the Stupid Party? If Trump pardons himself, will our political system go blind? One thing is certain: if Trump is driven from office, I expect O.J. will drive him past the Beltway in a white Bronco, which I think is in storage in the new Smithsonian museum of black history. And our new White House communications director is named Scaramucci? Wasn’t he The Man With the Golden Gun? If so, when is Tattoo showing up? Oh, wait—he’s on Game of Thrones now I think. Like I said, I can’t keep up.

Oh what joyful reading! (I doubt this magazine will last very long.)

Talk about a true dilemma?

Notice where whiskey, wine, and beer turn out on this settled science.

Headlines of the week:

Not sure that’s the recommended way to shave, but when you’re James Dean. . .

And finally. . . It’s times like this I miss Jay Comeau: