Investigate this (2)

Jennifer Kerns calls for an investigation into the placement of the Trump Dossier into the hands of the Obama administration — the hands of John Brennan in particular. Kerns doesn’t quote the Gershwin brothers song, but she’s got the refrain. Let’s call the whole thing off:

As for the Russian collusion probe against Trump, it’s highly unlikely that Mueller will disband the probe on his own. After all, Mueller now presides over an office of 16 prosecutors and an unlimited budget in a town that values staff, unlimited budgets, and prestigious office space.

If the Russian collusion witch hunt against Trump is to end, it will have to be done by the president himself, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, or urged by Congress.

After more than a year of turning up no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, and now equipped with new revelations that the Trump dossier was nothing more than a paid campaign piece, there is more than enough reason to justify disbanding the witch hunt once and for all.

It would take something like a stake through its heart to kill the Mueller probe. Think of it as Rosemary’s baby, the diabolical offspring of the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media. Come to think of it, John Cassavetes would make a very fine Robert Mueller if only he were still around.