Terror Attack Kills At Least 235 In Egypt

ISIS apparently carried out a terror attack on a mosque in the northern Sinai Peninsula today, killing at least 235 and wounding more than 100 more. The mosque was in al-Arish, just a few miles from Israel:

Apparently the terrorists set off a bomb inside the mosque, where Sufi Muslims were worshipping, and then shot those who streamed out of the mosque. The attack seems to have been executed in a military manner, with, reports say, at least four vehicles containing gunmen. In retaliation, the Egyptian government has launched air strikes against mountainous areas where ISIS terrorists are believed to congregate.

The attack has shocked Egyptians:

There has been a wave of attacks on the country’s Coptic Christian minority, but strikes on mosques are rare and Friday’s onslaught shocked many throughout Egypt.

President Trump’s response was appropriate:

He’s right about the ideology, but discrediting ideologies is hard. One would think that after the fate of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, the USSR, Communist China, Albania, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela et al., the ideology of socialism would be utterly discredited. And yet it is still with us. For the foreseeable future, immigration policy will be critical to minimizing the risk of terrorist attacks in the U.S.


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