The Week in Pictures: “The Conversation” Edition

Al Franken’s “resignation” speech contained a familiar trope of today’s liberalism—about how we need to have “a conversation” about sexual harassment. Liberals are always going on about how we need to have a “conversation”—usually a “national conversation” (the best kind!) about especially race and racism. But in practice what liberals have in mind is not a conversation at all, but a confession and repentance: everyone is supposed to confess his sins against the latest iteration of the liberal catechism. But the only “conversation” that really needs to take place is a short one mastered by someone who excelled at it before changing careers: “You’re fired!”

Will the second edition be titled, “Giant Jerk of the Senate”?

Al Franken resumes his entertainment career following resignation.

Headlines of the week:


Maybe this one will make up for last week’s miss:And finally. . .