Ohr what?

As Sundance has tracked the cast of characters in the Obama administration who were involved in the putative surveillance of the Trump campaign, he has noted the apparent toll of ongoing investigations on their jobs. Among notable examples at the FBI are Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok. The toll reflects suspected or actual wrongdoing of one kind or another. Something is happening here.

Comparable changes have taken place at the Department of Justice, as in the case of former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr. Fox News reported that Ohr was “demoted” late last year after the Inspector General discovered unreported 2016 contacts between Ohr and Trump dossier author Christopher Steele as well as with Fusion GPS principal Glenn Simpson. At the same time, however, Ohr remained director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF).

Now FOX News reports that Ohr has been stripped of his title as OCDETF director as well. It is unclear where Ohr has landed, only that he is still an employee with the Department of Justice. FOX News quotes one DoJ insider joking that Ohr might end up in “one of those offices without a phone.” I seriously doubt that anyone is laughing.

Sundance fits today’s news into the bigger picture he has assembled here. I read him with interest and skepticism in the hope that all will become clear in due course, but such clarity is in fact overdue.