The Power Line Show, Ep. 54: The Next Iranian Revolution?

Kelly Jane Torrance, the deputy managing editor of the Weekly Standard, and, not insignificantly, the Cocktail Queen of Washington, busts in on the Power Line mancave for this episode of the Power Line Show to talk about the protests in Iran, which Kelly Jane has been following more closely than just about any other American journalist (here and here, with more coming soon).

She’s just back from her second trip to Paris to meet with the Iranian dissident movement.  But Kelly Jane should also be regarded as a female Christopher Hitchens for her shrewd eye for the exotic cocktail in any world city where she happens to find herself, and we swap drink recommendations at the end of this episode.

As a reminder, this episode of the Power Line Show is sponsored by ManCrates (though Kelly Jane was disappointed that it doesn’t mean she can get a man in a crate shipped to her. But close!) So please check out Mancrates and consider ordering some Valentine’s Day snack-phrodesiacs through the Power Line portal.

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