The Week in Pictures: Oh, Canada Edition

Say what you will about Donald Trump, at least he’s not a blithering idiot like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I expect you heard his correcting a questioner this week at a public forum who said “mankind,” to which Pretty Boy Justin suggested that she should say “personkind” instead. You can’t say “personkind,” you idiot! It is still a masculine ending (person). Doesn’t the idiot know that the correct pronoun for homo sapiens or “mankind” is “huperchild.” Trudeau now claims that he was joking and that it was a lame joke, but the joke is obviously on Canada. He probably ate a Tide Pod that day.

Speaking of Justins. . .

Vegan Tide Pods?

Headlines of the week:

Employee of the Month?

What would we do without experts?

Portland, where else?


And finally. . .