The First Ever Power Line Crossover Podcast!

One of the mischievous things I did in Washington last Friday was to hijack Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger’s “Need to Know” podcast, also hosted by our friends at Ricochet. Long story, but we decided that if the Marvel Cinematic Universe can combine Iron Man and Batman, why can’t the Ricochet Podcast Universe do the same thing? So I took over their mic to talk with Mona Charen about how to come to grips with the divisions on the right that Trump has caused, but much more importantly, preview Mona’s forthcoming book, Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense. (Sounds like an easy book to market, no? Pre-order now—put in on your list right after Ryan Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally.)

Mona and Jay are of course Never Trumpers and quite hostile to him, while I am trying to hold all my friends together on all sides, and support Trump’s actions when I can (which has been, to my pleasant surprise, a lot of the time). But above all I worry about the future of the conservative movement under the strains, and am not ready to give up on it, unlike some of my other wonderful friends over at (cough, cough) A——- G——–.

Anyway, here’s the link to the show—enjoy!

UPDATE: Yes, yes, I KNOW Batman and Iron Man are from different comic universes! I thought people would pick up the subtle joke, and behind it the applicability to our present divisions represented by mashing together two such different podcasts.  (Though I think someone ought to propose to Hollywood a kind of Super Bowl of superhero movies matching up Marvel and DC Comics. It will enrage the purists and loyalists—and make a bazillion dollars at the box office. And just in time, too. How many Avengers movies can we take?)


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