The other dossier

We have yet to ascertain the source of the counterintelligence investigation that culminated in the Mueller Switch Project. Andrew McCarthy and Lee Smith are the two analysts who have both refused to disseminate the carefully cultivated stories of the Obama/Clinton apparatus and provided their own invaluable analysis to the proceedings.

Today Lee Smith complicates my understanding of the Steele Dossier in the intensely reported RealClearInvestigations column “Unpacking the other Clinton-linked dossier.” Lee has obtained the “dossier” of Clinton operative Cody Shearer that appears to have been fed to the FBI via the Obama State Department and Christopher Steele. Here let me just pull two quotes from this long piece.

Quote 1:

Shearer tried to drum up interest in the collusion narrative but no one in the press was biting. No one was willing to sink time and prestige on material sourced to unnamed Russian intelligence officials that was provided by a Clinton political operative whose partner, Sidney Blumenthal, had an even more controversial reputation.

But it would be different if it came from someone else, an intelligence operative whose American handlers worked up a suitable legend of his exploits in a glamorous, allied clandestine service, and his deep knowledge of all things Russian. So what did it matter if Steele had become an executive in a corporate intelligence firm whose official cover had been blown a decade before and who hadn’t been to Russia in years? The byline of a former MI6 agent could credential a compendium of unsubstantiated rumors when the names of Clinton confederates Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal could not.

Quote 2:

If it seems strange that many of the media figures attacking Trump for his ostensibly pro-Putin positions have signed up to attack an anti-Putin activist like [Bill] Browder [the object of one of Glenn Simpson’s projects], one explanation is that they are longtime associates of Glenn Simpson and the recipients of Fusion GPS tips and leaks.

Do read the whole thing when you can. It is must reading.