Mueller indicts a ham sandwich

In “Robert Mueller would prefer not to” we took a look at Special Counsel Mueller’s reluctance to proceed with criminal case he has brought against Concord Management, one of the three Russian entities he has indicted. There I noted that Mueller appeared not to anticipate that any of the defendants would appear in court to defend against the charges. Rather, Mueller seems to have obtained the indictment to serve a public relations purpose, laying out the case for interference as understood by the government and lending a veneer of respectability to the Mueller Switch Project.

Concord Management appeared through counsel at the Reed Smith law firm before United States Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey to plead not guilty. Bloomberg provides a straightforward account of the hearing here. Reader Techno Fog posted highlights of the arraignment hearing transcript in a series of linked tweets that can be accessed by clicking below.

Attorney Eric Dubelier speaks on behalf of Concord Management. Dubelier evinces a sardonic attitude to the case. When discussion turns to the question whether he represents Concord Catering (another charged Russian entity), Dubelier states: “I think we’re dealing with the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich. That company didn’t exist as a legal entity during the time period alleged by the government.”

Dubelier, however, is big about it. “If at some later time [the government] shows me that it did exist, we would probably represent them. But for the purpose of today, no, we do not.”

Dubelier in any event entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Concord Management. We will be following this case as closely as possible.