The Power Line Show, Ep. 71: A Hard Look at Hard Power

Listeners of our podcast know that we can’t let go of making fun of Samantha Power’s famous election night whimsy of “milking the soft-power dividend” of Hillary’s expected victory, because it’s just such a perfect shorthand expression of everything wrong with liberalism today.  In any case, last week in Washington I recorded a conversation with Rebecca Heinrichs of the Hudson Institute, who doesn’t have much time for soft power.

Rebecca is a product of the Ashbrook Scholars honors program at Ashland University, where, as she explains here, she fell in love with the American Founding under the inspiration of our great friend, teacher, and mentor, the late Peter Schramm. In our conversation we talk about Peter (and why we’re sure he’d have loved Trump), Trump, missile defense and defense spending in general, and we also break down a lot of the specific and potential conflicts on the horizon right now, including North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia.

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And don’t forget  . . . to milk the soft power dividend!


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