The Week in Pictures: Animals Edition

I don’t get it. Liberals worry all the time about “invasive species” that disrupt our natural ecosystems, but somehow get all warm and fuzzy about “The Animals” who disrupt our social ecosystems. If Trump had only said something about the “British invasion” instead of the MSNBC gang, he’d have been fine. It’s just such a Burdon keeping up with the latest porous border in liberal outrage. Calling Pink Floyd: we need The Wall around liberalism. Wait till the media find out people in California order their In-and-Out cheeseburgers “animal style.” Thank God today is World Whisky Day. I know how I’m going to celebrate.

Animals. Animals everywhere.

Headlines of the week:

A new gig for Alec Baldwin perhaps.

Our dog of the week didn’t get the whisky memo:

And finally . . . Power Line’s newest heroine, Kaitlyn Marie, graduate of Kent State University, class of 2018: