Monday in Pictures: G-7 Photoshop Edition

I really am starting to have that “deja vu all over again” feeling. It seems to me that President Trump is merely following good presidential precedent with his performance at the recent G-7 summit. Richard Nixon called Pierre Trudeau an “asshole.” President Reagan slammed Trudeau in one of the private sessions of the G-7 (in 1983, if memory serves correctly), because it was obvious that Trudeau was trying to channel his spirit animal, Olaf Palme. So Trump’s belittling of the eminently belittleable Justin Trudeau seems just fine.

And as for Trump’s proposal that the G-7 become one big completely free trade zone, with no tariffs or trade barriers on anything, why that’s as silly as Reagan’s “Zero Option” for intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe! We all know how that silly idea turned out.

Meanwhile, much is being made of the photo Chancellor Merkel’s office released, showing Trump seemingly cornered. It is plainly an attempt to embarrass Trump, as if such a thing is possible. It looks like it could be a still from “Celebrity Intervention.” Turns out there’s a second photo from a different angle, immediately below, that conveys a different mood. I’m guessing what was really going on here was something like, “Please, how can we get up something like ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ after we’re all tossed from office?” Even Pretty Boy Justin looks happier. (Now I’m starting to understand his silly dances on that trip to Asia he took a while ago: it was his demo reel for ‘Canada’s Got Talent.’) But the Photoshop work with the original picture can’t wait until Saturday, so . . .

“No, Donald, you can’t build a wall in Risk.”