Green Weenie of the Week: “Petro-Masculinity”??

I know the leftist theory of “intersectionality” explains everything, but this article, from Millennium: Journal of International Studies, by professor Cara Daggett of Virginia Tech University, really takes the custom-baked cake:

Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire

Cara Daggett


As the planet warms, new authoritarian movements in the West are embracing a toxic combination of climate denial, racism and misogyny. Rather than consider these resentments separately, this article interrogates their relationship through the concept of petro-masculinity, which appreciates the historic role of fossil fuel systems in buttressing white patriarchal rule. Petro-masculinity is helpful to understanding how the anxieties aroused by the Anthropocene can augment desires for authoritarianism. The concept of petro-masculinity suggests that fossil fuels mean more than profit; fossil fuels also contribute to making identities, which poses risks for post-carbon energy politics. Moreover, through a psycho-political reading of authoritarianism, I show how fossil fuel use can function as a violent compensatory practice in reaction to gender and climate trouble.

The complete text is behind a paywall, but I think just this abstract checks all the boxes. This is virtually indistinguishable from what you can get out of the Random Academic Essay Title Generator. (Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.) Even The Guardian gets it.