A redaction mystery solved

A friend who has closely followed the Mueller investigation draws my attention to page 13 of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo in Manafort case pending in the District of Columbia before Judge Amy Berman Jackson (screenshot below, whole thing posted yesterday in “Lessons from Mueller’s memo”).

My friend writes: “Isn’t the whole point of FARA to provide transparency? And yet the names of lobbying firms that filed late or not at all are redacted here. What’s doubly stupid is that the information is readily available. All you have to do is look in the easily searchable FARA database. You can look who filed in ‘early 2008’ working for Ukraine by way of Manafort—Daniel J. Edelman, Inc.:

So why the redaction? The Edelman part of the puzzle has been known since 2016.”

NOTE: See also Meghan Kenneally and Patrick Revell, “Trump Campaign Chair Named in Black Accounts Linked to Ukrainian Ex-President” (ABC News, August 15, 2016).