I Disapprove of Dismantling Monuments, But…

…if we are going to destroy, remove or deface monuments, this one to Karl Marx–a horrible person in just about every way, whose legacy has meant death, suffering and poverty for hundreds of millions–is a good place to begin. Reuters reports:

A memorial to Karl Marx at a cemetery in North London has been defaced for the second time in less than two weeks.

This time, vandals splashed the monument to the 19th-century political philosopher in Highgate Cemetery — which is listed among British structures with exceptional historical interest — with bright red paint.

Photographs posted on Twitter by the cemetery on Saturday showed the marble gravestone daubed with political slogans such as “doctrine of hate” and “architect of genocide.”

The cemetery said the marble tablet was also “smashed up.”

That total of 66,000,000 dead is of course much too low for Marxism worldwide, but whoever attacked the monument focused on the “Bolshevik holocaust” that lasted from 1917 until 1953, when Stalin died. Probably a Russian, then.


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