The Power Line Show, Ep. 109: Lucretia, Unplugged!

Readers have been asking when we’ll have back Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery, “Lucretia,” and your wish is our command. “Lucretia” joins us again with some choice rants about the whole Ralph Northam affair and the Democrat’s “Calhoun moment” on abortion, the invincible ignorance of the new socialists like AOC, and the Wall. But then we turn to the really important subjects: wine, whisky, handguns, and coffee. (Aren’t those the basic building blocks of the Good Life? Socrates surely would have been an NRA member had the NRA been around back then. On the other hand, who needed the NRA when you had Sparta?)

If you listen carefully you’ll hear Lucretia partially out herself as an Arizona resident, and since she is a shooter along with our own Ammo Grrrll,  an obvious future show will have to have both of them on at once.

In keeping with this week’s wide-ranging and indulgent theme, the first bumper tune is a clip from “Why Not?” by Gentle Giant, and the closeout bumper music fits this show perfectly—”Another Brick in the Wall” from Pink Floyd.

As always, listen below, or download the show from our hosts at Ricochet, who remind everyone to subscribe to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review, please!), or by RSS feed.