Dogging AOC

I am not sure who is behind the Job Creators Network; New York businesspeople, presumably. But that group has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in its sights. It initially paid for a billboard in Times Square, criticizing Ocasio-Cortez for cheering the demise of Amazon’s New York development:

I like the hashtag #SocialismTakesCapitalismCreates, although I prefer “free enterprise” to “capitalism.” Why should we let Karl Marx name one of our most precious liberties?

Now the Job Creators Network has struck again, with two more New York billboards. This time the target is the Green Nude Eel Green New Deal. It responds to a silly comment by Ocasio-Cortez, describing herself as “the boss” because she proposed the ill-defined (and now partly retracted) GND fantasy:

I love billboards. The organization that I run has had great success with them, in part by driving traffic to a web page that contains much more information than can fit on a billboard. The Job Creators Network’s billboards promote, which is well worth checking out.

One of the chronic problems on the right is a lack of funds. The Left, which now includes most of the establishment, is rolling in dough; the right, not so much. But in New York, a few hardy advocates for free enterprise evidently have banded together to expose Ocasio-Cortez’s (and the Democratic Party’s) failed ideas. More power to them.