No White House “full confidence” declaration for Acosta

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined today to say that President Trump has full confidence in Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Instead, she told reporters that Acosta’s involvement in a 2007 plea deal with alleged serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is “currently under review.”

I’ve been told that Acosta was the subject of a vigorous discussion involving Trump and some of his top advisers. At this meeting, according to what I’ve heard, Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff, urged the president to fire Acosta. This advice apparently was echoed by at least one key domestic policy adviser.

Trump was said to be non-committal.

I can’t really vouch for this report, but it seems consistent with what Sarah Sanders told reporters today about Acosta’s status.

In view of the ongoing scandal arising from the sweetheart deal Acosta gave pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and considering Acosta’s unwillingness to implement a conservative agenda at DOL (or even to reverse the leftist Obama administration agenda), it’s difficult for me to see Acosta hanging on much longer.

President Trump must like Acosta personally, as many people apparently do. But we’re at the point where the decision to sack Acosta is a no-brainer, and Trump may be coming to regard it as such.