The Week in Pictures: Varsity Blues Edition

The best take I’ve seen yet on the college athletics admission scandal is that someone needs to do a comedy movie where the non-athlete students are forced to play after all, go through grueling practice, with predictable results—they win! Because Hollywood! Because who doesn’t like a good underdog story—you know, those “underdogs” from rich and famous households who just need one tiny break to get into the big leagues. Possible movie titles, suitably amended, include: “cRudy!” “Who-Hoosier?” “Not Even Semi-Tough.” “Any Given Study Hall.” “Friday Night Not-So-Bright Lights.” “The Longest Harvard Yard.” “A Bush League of Their Own.” “Bull Studies in Durham.” “cRocky.” “White Men Who Really Can’t Jump.” “The Bad News Bear Markets.” Though I have to say, I prefer the original Varsity Blues to this pathetic woke remake. Still waiting for comment from Ali Larter. In the meantime, pass the whipped cream.

A real photo. Troll level: Grandmaster of the universe.

Official mascot of the Beto campaign.

Headlines of the week:

(If you don’t get this reference, see this.)

Assault icicles.

And finally. . .