The Week in Pictures: Lame of Drones Edition

I never did much get into Throne Games, or Lame of Drones, or whatever it’s called—not enough sex and violence for my tastes. But I hear every critic, which means everyone in the democratized era of social criticism via anti-social media, is down on the last season and the ending. But the real reason for the criticism is obvious: the series ended, and viewers wanted it to go on forever. The people clearly wanted Days of Our Throne Lives. They’ll just have to settle for renewal of The Trump Show instead. Lots of fire and disappointed throne-seekers from the Seven Kingdoms of the Left (better known as “Moroseteros”) coming soon. Winter is coming! With primaries and TV debates! (Joe Biden is clearly the Night King.)

A reboot I can believe!

Headlines of the week:

Hat tip: SW

And finally. . . a very slight departure from format, because Sofia Loren: