The Week in Pictures: Nadlering Nabob of Nihilism Edition

How lucky is Trump to have Jerry Nadler as his chief inquisitor on Capitol Hill? I recall Nadler from his Jabba-the-Hutt days defending Bill Clinton from impeachment exactly 20 years ago. He must have thought we wouldn’t notice it is the same guy if he underwent barometric surgery—that’s where you let high pressure squeeze you into the human likeness of a raisin, but side effects include a full-blown case of TDS and a lot of tailor bills—and behold, Nadler is telling us we are in the midst of a Kon-scth-tooo-shun-al Kryyy-Siss! Pass the popcorn please.


Headlines of the week:

This last headline somehow reminds me of this:

Dog of the week

And finally. . .