Special Screening of No Safe Spaces, July 9

If you live in or near the Twin Cities, you should think about attending a special pre-release screening of the Dennis Prager/Adam Carolla film No Safe Spaces next Tuesday, July 9. No Safe Spaces, which deals with the insanity on America’s college campuses, won’t be released until the Fall, but we have arranged for a special screening, sponsored by Center of the American Experiment. Details are here. The showing will be at the Parkway Theater in south Minneapolis, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Here is a trailer for the film. In addition to Prager and Carolla, it features appearances by Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Alan Dershowitz, Cornel West and Sheryl Attkisson:

By the way, you may notice that the trailer said the movie was coming out in Fall 2018. It was pushed back, I believe because so many outrages continued to take place on campuses that the producers kept adding more material.

As a special treat, the movie’s director, Justin Folk, will attend our July 9 screening and will answer questions about the filming of the movie. The venue is nice; the Parkway Theater is newly renovated and serves beer, wine and cocktails as well as Diet Coke and Sprite. Also, did I mention that admission is only $5?

You can sign up for the event here. I encourage you to do so, it is going to be a lot of fun.