The Power Line Podcast, Special July 4 Edition: Five Things to Know about the Declaration, with “Lucretia”

By popular demand from listeners, we’re bringing back “Lucretia,” Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery, on this special edition for the July 4 holiday. Many listeners asked us to offer up mini-tutorials on various aspects of the American Founding and political thought in general, so we break down the Declaration of Independence, drawing notice to five key features—including how some of the specific indictments against King George III remain highly relevant to our current moment.

We also have some fun smacking around AOC, Nike, and the liberal freakout over tanks on the Washington Mall, and conclude with some observations on appropriate food and wine for the obligatory July 4 barbecue—and postponing our long-running dispute about Islay versus Highland single malt whisky for another day.

You know what to do. Listen below or download from Ricochet, and please consider subscribing to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review!), or by RSS feed.