Sunday Morning Coming Down

This category is normally Scott’s beat, but I think his hunt for the great exclamation point has detracted from his YouTube viewing. A preface: one of my favorite interviews interspersed with the music of the The Last Waltz, Martin Scorcese’s film about the blowout final live performance of The Band in 1978, features one of the members (I think it was frontman Robbie Robertson, but I don’t recall just now) saying that the rigors of touring on the road were just too much to bear any more. The climax of the film is arguably the studio set piece of “The Weight.”

Well, Robertson has topped that with this new version, just posted to YouTube a few days ago. Modern technology has made it possible to make a “road trip” for this version, so to speak. Worth it just to see Ringo Starr in action once again. Enjoy:

Chaser: Is it just me, but does a mature Robbie Robertson look a lot like Byron York? You make the call: