Delecto delendus est

I have caught up with the unlikely story of Mitt Romney alter ego Pierre Delecto courtesy of the Wall Street Journal story “In Flagrante Delecto: Mitt Romney Is Latest Unmasked Internet Lurker” by Gabriel Rubin and Sarah Needleman.

It takes two reporters to perform the search for precedents and capture the deep weirdness here, and yet something is still lacking. Rubin and Needleman fail to identify another United States Senator pseudonymously promoting himself and his views on Twitter. Spin it however you will, we are in Rod Serling territory. That’s the signpost up ahead. Your next stop–Comeyland!

There is some entertainment value in the story, but it must have a deeper meaning. I want to use it to try draw on my rusty Latin and reflect on my support of Romney for president in 2012. Jared Whitley is thinking along the same lines in “Will the real Mitt Romney please shut up?”