John Brennan persists

The whistleblower complaint and impeachment frenzy find a context in the investigation of United States Attorney John Durham into the origins of the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. Durham has been appointed by Attorney General Barr to conduct the investigation on behalf of the United States. Those who are its subject are sweating it.

Lee Smith takes up the context of the impeachment frenzy in the New York Post column “Dems, media aim to squash Barr’s probe of Russia collusion hoax.” Andrew McCarthy has more in the NR column “Do Republicans See the Strategy to Discredit the Barr Investigation?”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace yesterday (clip below), former CIA Director John Brennan disclosed that he is to be interviewed by Durham some time soon “as part of this non-investigation” [sic]. Brennan professes not to “understand the predication of this worldwide effort to try to uncover dirt… that would discredit that investigation in 2016.”

Andrew McCarthy can help him understand. He devoted an entire book to the wrongdoing at the heart of the Russia hoax that Brennan promoted. Brennan is of course a principal and an intransigent one at that.

He is still at it. In the interview he confides to Wallace: “It’s not just that Trump doesn’t care about Russian interference. I think he is hoping that he’s going to get it.” This must represent the analytic ability that powered Brennan’s rise to the top of the CIA under the auspices of Barack Obama.