Raptor Fans Come Out For Freedom

Heh. With NBA stars like Lebron James and James Harden firmly in the oppression corner, a group of Toronto Raptors fans have decided to join the freedom team. They will distribute pro-Hong Kong t-shirts at the opening game of the Raptors 2019-20 season:

The saga of Hong Kong vs. China vs. the NBA continues in Toronto next week with the distribution of more than 7,000 fan-made “The North Stand with Hong Kong” t-shirts on opening night of the Toronto Raptors 2019-2020 season.

A group of local basketball fans who support Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement raised more than $32,000 to produce and give away enough t-shirts to cover roughly a third of the Scotiabank Arena’s audience.

The Raptors have not endorsed the t-shirt giveaway, and, given the fiasco in which the NBA has embroiled itself, I am sure they won’t. But it is nice to see fans stepping up.

In principle, it is not good that most Americans pay more attention to sports than to current events, so that the plight of Hong Kong is debated mostly as the result of a basketball general manager’s tweet. But at least both sides are being heard, which is different from what you usually see in today’s “news” media.

Via InstaPundit.