A Tale of Two Photos

It is tempting to do a Mid-Week in Pictures special offering today because I have a lot of great material accumulating in my Week in Pictures folder for this Saturday—way more than I will be able to use already. But I don’t want to overdo it. Instead, herewith a post on just two pictures, because each has a good story. First up:

As it happens, I once got the opportunity, about two-and-a-half years ago, to ask Rudy Giuliani about this round of golf: “What was that like?” He answered that Clinton cheated on virtually every hole, usually by hitting more than one shot off of every tee, and while claiming he’d only hit the first shot out in the fairway, actually always played the best tee shot. He slowed up play so much that Bloomberg quit the round in disgust at the 13th hole. Trump, he said, is a good golfer, though I’ve heard different assessments of his golfing prowess, so your mileage may vary.

Our pal David Deeble comments on Michael Bloomberg (probably) entering the presidential race: “If Michael Bloomberg thinks Americans will elect a Manhattan billionaire whose changed his party affiliation multiple times then he’s got another thing… never mind.”

But speaking of Deeble, he recently earned a 12-hour timeout from Twitter for the sin of posting this meme, which Twitter says “violates its ‘community standards’:

That’s where are are folks. You can find actual pornography on Twitter, but apparently you can’t make fun of a disgraced Democratic member of the House.