#Ilhan Married Her Brother

Doing the work that the Minnesota media otherwise refuse to do, John Justice and Drew Lee have closely followed the saga of Ilhan Omar on their KTLK AM 1130 morning news talk show. They understand what is happening. It has become increasingly obvious. Even Ray Charles could see it.

When the Daily Mail pounced on the story this week, it was old news for them. At this point they are having fun with it and with the nonfeasance of their colleagues in the Minnesota media. They are promoting the hashtag #IlhanMarriedHerBrother with a bad, bad attitude. They asked me to join the festivities at the top of the 8:00 hour yesterday morning.

Tucker Carlson has also followed the Omar saga. He knows #IlhanMarriedHerBrother. He checked in with me on the story again last night. The video is posted here.