Intelligence Committee Transcripts Will Finally Be Released

News from Byron York: the 53 secret transcripts of interviews conducted by the House Intelligence Committee during its Trump-Russia investigation will finally see the light of day.

The House committee’s investigation is still the main source of our knowledge about the Russia fraud, and in 2018 the committee voted unanimously to release the transcripts of its witness interviews. But first, they had to be cleared by the intelligence community. Two years later, that has finally happened, and Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has written Adam Schiff–now chairman of the Intelligence Committee–telling him the transcripts are ready to be made public. It turns out, too, that 43 of the transcripts have been ready for nearly a year, but Schiff has been sitting on them.

Of course, the last thing Schiff wants is for the public to see what House investigators found. These are the interviews that Schiff lied about repeatedly, claiming on television that they contained evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Happily, Grenell, who may be turning out to be a kind of hero, volunteered that if Schiff doesn’t want to release them, Grenell will do it himself. It is about time.