Surprises Inside Trump’s Poll Numbers

As everyone knows, most polls—even Fox News yesterday—have Trump trailing Biden by as much as 10 points or more, reflecting a major slump from his position before the coronavirus and the post-Floyd urban unrest started. On closer look, Trump has lost support with various segments of white voters that supported him in 2016.

That’s the finding of an NBC News poll out yesterday. Here’s a key part:

Biden is clobbering Trump 58 percent to 37 percent among whites with college degrees, more than double Clinton’s 51 percent to 42 percent lead among that group in 2016 . . . Biden has also modestly cut Trump’s lead among whites without degrees. Trump now leads Biden 55 percent to 37 percent in that group; in 2016, Trump led Clinton 59 percent to 35 percent among the same group.

But there’s one very interesting finding in this poll that could justify very different headlines, such as “Trump Strengthening With Minority Voters.” Here’s the key paragraph buried deep down in the NBC story:

If there’s a surprising weakness for Biden, it’s nonwhite voters, especially Latinos. He’s carrying African Americans by 75 points over Trump in the latest polls, down from Clinton’s 80-point margin in 2016. But Trump has narrowed the gap among Latino voters to 30 points, down from his 40 point deficit four years ago.

Here’s the chart:

How is this possible? Joe Biden told us just this week that Trump is the most racist president evah! And I especially relish this paragraph of the NBC story:

Latinos, along with voters 18 to 29 years old, have some of the highest undecided rates in today’s polls. Perhaps fortunately for Biden, Latinos are underrepresented in the Electoral College battlegrounds.

Wait—I was told that increasing demographic “diversity” was the key to the Democratic Party’s future!

This is embarrassing for the 24/7 leftist narrative, and it raises a couple of observations and questions. First, it is likely that panicked Democrats will push the racism charge all the harder, as they can’t afford to lose minority voters, especially to Trump. Second, will white voters currently expressing support for Biden in the polls (assuming they are all telling the truth) stick with Democrats when they persist in saying white people are the source of all evil in the nation? We’ll see.