The Flynn outrage

The outrage perpetrated on General Michael Flynn should go down in the hall of shame along with the Dreyfus affair. The Flynn outrage revealed the rotten core of the Obama administration and the multidimensional corruption of our most trusted institutions. The Flynn outrage should live in infamy, and yet we have leftist hacks like former Star Tribune columnist Jon Tevlin — see “Mic drop on Jon Tevlin” — celebrating the rank travesty of justice and suffering inflicted on Flynn.

The Flynn outrage awaits its own Émile Zola, but Margot Cleveland gets the ball rolling in the excellent Federalist column “Trump’s Michael Flynn Pardon Is Only The Beginning Of The Justice This Nation Deserves.” Subhead: “The corporate media has refused to tell Americans the truth, so I will. Here are six key aspects of the case that expose the Obama-Biden administration’s travesty of justice.”