The Geek in Pictures: Biden Baseline Edition

Time for another periodic nerdgasm.

It’s a miracle! Biden becomes president and COVID hospitalizations begin to decline!

This chart explains all you need to know about why our elites love the lockdowns. Think of them maybe as “Baby Zoomers.”

Consumer sentiment still stinks. But notice in the second one that Democrat consumers are suddenly ebullient, probably because they’ve already made plans to spend their $2000 Biden Bucks.

Meanwhile, people are sitting on a lot of cash.

Early warning on inflation?

Another interesting footnote to the election results:

Trump’s China policy may have been erratic and arguably counterproductive in a few instances, but overall it looks like it achieved its intended result:

This chart tells us a lot about why economics as a discipline is arguably moving backwards (along with political science):

I have no idea if this chart is for real or not, but it seems sensible.

Turns out there are lots of these, such as:

Actually I’m not so sure this is spurious, since I often feel like drowning myself after suffering through a Nicholas Cage movie.