The Week in Pictures: Trumpeachment Edition

MIGA! Make impeachment great again! Like any other Democratic policy initiative these days, it is going to be a complete fiasco. I’ll bet the website——works about as well as the launch of the Obamacare websites in 2013. I’m sure incoming Senate Majority Leader Schumer will be delighted to get the article of impeachment sent over from the House. And if Speaker Pelosi doesn’t send it, Republican Senators should demand every day in the Senate that it be sent over—otherwise this is just a stunt. What’s that you say? Oh, right.


Headlines of the week:

An actual CNN correction. . .

It’s real, and it’s spectacular!

What’s an “album cover”?

That’s Hinderaker behind those shades isn’t it?

And finally. . . Mary Ann wasn’t the only castaway who could handle a six shooter: