The Deep Rig

Was the 2020 presidential election stolen? That question continues to reverberate through our public life. Today I downloaded a new book by Patrick Byrne called The Deep Rig. It purports to tell the true story of how the Democrats stole the election, and why the Trump administration and the GOP bungled their opportunity to do something about it.

I am half-way through the book, and am not prepared to express an opinion on it. I will say this: Byrne is not a nobody. And he describes events in detail, like his account of a meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office. In his telling, the heroes are quants and hackers like him, along with General Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell, and one or two others. Villains (if only on account of their haplessness) include Rudy Giuliani, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, and most of those who tried and failed to do something about the election.

Byrne’s account is riveting and contains links to videos, spread sheets, etc. Is he correct in alleging that Democrats in a handful of key swing state counties used electronic mischief to swing the election to Joe Biden? I don’t know. I hope that over the next year or two the truth will emerge. Meanwhile, Byrne’s book is a good place to start. I would suggest that you buy it fast, before it is banned.