Peak Woke: No Triggers Allowed

One of the dumbest aspects of today’s academia is the “trigger warning,” where students are alerted to the possibility that what they are about to read may be traumatic. Traumatic, I take it, to people who are pathologically unable to cope, which evidently is the standard in today’s universities. But now England’s Warwick University has gone one better. It has stopped using the phrase “trigger warning” because triggers are…triggering:

A university has scrapped the term ‘trigger warning’ because it fears its use alone could upset snowflake students.

Warwick University has deemed the phrase too ‘provocative’ for those on its literature and drama courses and is instead now using the term ‘content notes’.
in reply to a Freedom of Information request, it has revealed: ‘”Trigger warnings” are now referred to as “content notes” due to the word “trigger” being itself a provocative word.’

Because, where do you find triggers? In guns.

We can only hope that it is university administrators, and not the youth of today’s Western world, who are hopelessly incompetent to deal with reality.