The Geek in Pictures: Winter Solstice Edition

Welcome officially to winter. And what better way to welcome winter than some charts and graphs? Okay, so this first one isn’t exactly a chart or graph, but it includes numbers and fits the day:

The media call this a “split,” when it ought to indicate a five-alarm fire. Has this question ever been asked of any previous president?

Kamala Harris has been giving primal screams about how lead is “poisoning our children,” so I went back to an old chart of mine on blood lead levels in children (the official standard for harm is 10mg/deciliter).

Let’s have a look at some charts on race, education, and related issues:

COVID. First, I wonder why the laptop class is just fine with lockdowns:

Energy and climate:

If Germany had not shut down so much of its nuclear power, it could have replaced all of its coal by now:

But at least all that “renewable” power is cheaper, right? Right??

Meanwhile—these are shockingly high day-ahead prices for electricity (but note Poland, which is not ashamed of using its abundant coal):

UPDATE: Prices are even higher for tomorrow. Merry Christmas, Europe. I’ll bet a few lumps of coal in your electricity stockings might be welcome about now:

And here’s the trends of the last year:


Proof that easterners are loudmouths:

And finally. . .