2022 Election

Trouble ahead for Democrats?

Featured image Joe Biden’s average approval rating is 54 percent. That’s not bad, though it lags behind the 100-day numbers of every post-World War II president except Donald Trump. But our friend Michael Barone looks behind that number and sees worrying signs for Democrats. For one thing, Biden’s 41.6 percent disapproval number is about equal to Trump’s. And Biden’s real numbers may be worse than what the poll average shows because, as »

Florida Democrats desperate to defeat DeSantis

Featured image As expected, Rep. Charlie Crist announced today that he will run for governor of Florida. Crist, a former Republican, is one of the biggest charlatans in American politics, in my view. Crist will have company in the quest for the Democratic nomination. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the only Democrat to recently win statewide in Florida, and Rep. Val Demings, a House impeachment manager, are considered likely to join him. The »

More 2022 worries for House Dems

Featured image Last week, I wrote about the decision of Rep. Cheri Bustos not to seek reelection in 2022, and the possibility that the Illinois congresswoman’s retirement might cost the Democrats a seat in the House. I also mentioned that several other House Dems from potentially competitive seats — Cindy Axne of Iowa, Tim Ryan of Ohio, and Val Demings and Stephanie Murphy of Florida — are considering leaving the House to »

Leading House Dem won’t seek reelection

Featured image Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) has announced that she will not seek reelection in 2022. Bustos was head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last year (currently, she heads the House Democratic Steering Committee). The Democrats were expected to gain seats in 2020, but ended up losing some and barely holding their House majority. In addition, Bustos, who had won reelection in 2016 by 20 points even though Donald Trump carried »

Poll finds Trump’s hold on Republicans strong but weakening

Featured image A new NBC poll finds (at page 19) that 50 percent of Republicans say they consider themselves mainly supporters of the GOP, while 44 percent say them consider themselves mainly supporters of Donald Trump. That’s an extraordinarily high number for Trump, to be sure. However, as Rich Lowry notes, it represents a decline. In January, respondents split evenly, 46-46. In October, it was 54 for Trump and only 38 for »

Sizing Up the Political Scene: “Wokeness Is a Problem, and Everybody Knows It”

Featured image I’ve been working up to a long piece here about the extraordinary political scene, starting with the premise that it’s one thing for Progressive Twitter to run the New York Times, and quite another when Progressive Twitter runs the entire Democratic Party. But that’s where we are. (P)resident Joe Biden has sold out wholly to the Progressive mob, full stop. Biden won the presidency (yes, I know—if he won) by »

The Early Line on the Next Election

Featured image There is something strange about the behavior of Biden and the Democrats that can be best explained by a combination of Progressive mania and panic that their power might well slip away from them unless they lock it down by changing the rules in their favor and whipping up paranoia within key minority groups who are showing signs of slipping away. Hence the relentless charges of racism. Some items: “Democrats »

Fourth GOP Senator says he’ll leave after 2022

Featured image Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama has announced that he will retire when his term expires at the end of 2022. Shelby is 86 and has been in Congress since 1979. I don’t think Shelby has been a bad Senator, and he has long been popular with those who count most — his Alabama constituents. But if Washington is a “swamp,” then Shelby is one of its creatures. A lobbyist I »

Who’s Reeling?

Featured image During our live podcast/VIP/whiskey hour Friday evening, Steve commented that the Republican Party is “reeling” following the D.C. demonstration and riot last week. Given what I know of the Republican Party establishment I expect he is right, but still I was taken aback. Why in the world should Republicans be reeling? Because a handful of demonstrators invaded (or, in some cases, were ushered into) the Capitol and some of them »

Are Democrats In Trouble In 2022?

Featured image That is the question posed by Adam Nagourney, a loyal Democratic Party foot soldier, in the New York Times: “A Stinging Setback in California Is a Warning for Democrats in 2022.” The Democrats’ losses came for a number of reasons, including forces particular to California and the complications of campaigning during a pandemic. But as much as anything, they reflected the potency of Republican attacks, some false or exaggerated, that »