The Fall of Minneapolis: A preview

Featured image Alpha News has just released a preview of its upcoming documentary The Fall of Minneapolis. Alpha’s fearless and Emmy Award-winning reporter Liz Collin wrote and produced the documentary. Dr. J.C. Chaix directed it. Alpha News reports: The documentary exposes the holes in the prevailing narrative surrounding George Floyd’s death, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the fallout that both wrought on the city of Minneapolis. The documentary features dozens of »

For Pete’s Sake: The Funniest Thing You’ll Read All Year

Featured image Just caught up with the issue of Wired magazine that carries an interview with our wonderboy secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg. And here’s the long introduction to the Q & A portion, and by god this should be read aloud at cocktail parties for the rest of the year as it is comedy gold: THE CURIOUS MIND of Pete Buttigieg holds much of its functionality in reserve. Even as he »

Candor dies in “updates”

Featured image If Roger Kimball were asking readers to note Paul Sperry’s classic demolition of Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post itself, there is a good chance he would quote Juvenal’s famous query from Satires VI: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (“Who is to guard the guardians?”) and offer a learned disquisition on it. Perhaps the quote has become sufficiently well known that no disquisition is necessary. It speaks for »

Today in Kamala Komedy

Featured image The New York Times is apparently trying to pass off satire as “news” with its latest feature about the awesome Veep Kamala Harris. The story is “Kamala Harris Takes On a Forceful New Role in 2024 Campaign.” The fake news begins with the subhed: “The vice president is trying to reclaim the momentum that propelled her to Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s side as a candidate and into the White House »

Today is not the day

Featured image In “$20 million and counting” I noted the latest House Oversight Committee memo detailing the results of their investigation of the Biden family business. I concluded that maybe someone would make something of it one of these days. A reader shared the results of his research to let me know that today is not the day. He writes (below the break): * * * * * I just did a »

We’re number 49

Featured image I think the gist of recent Star Tribune coverage is that downtown Minneapolis is coming back — from Covid, from crime, from office closures, and so on. One-party Democratic misrule doesn’t factor into the Star Tribune’s equation of municipal challenges, but it should. For context, see Neal St. Anthony’s February 2022 column “St. Anthony: Downtown Minneapolis comeback still iffy proposition but better bet than last month.” As for the generally »


Featured image There I was, placidly reading Michael Barone’s excellent column “The Proximal Origin of a Scientific Fraud.” Referring to the recently released emails that reveal the “Proximal Origins” deceit, Barone concludes: I found the cynicism revealed in these emails shocking, even though I have written critically, in July 2021 and March 2023, about government scientists’ attempts to discredit the lab leak theory. I note that statistics guru Nate Silver, not a »

From the Saborit file: A bitter postscript

Featured image I did a lot of digging to report on the case of Alexis Saborit, the illegal alien who beheaded America Thayer in Shakopee, Minnesota on July 28, 2021. I focused on Saborit’s status as an illegal immigrant because the Star Tribune has kept this aspect of the case a deep secret. (By contrast, Crime Watch MN/Alpha News has led with it.) America was murdered in broad daylight in Shakopee. At »

“This elaborate censorship conspiracy”

Featured image Former New York Post editor Emma-Jo Morris testified last week to the House Weaponization of Government Committee chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan. The committee has posted the text of her statement here. I have posted video below. Morris was the deputy politics editor leading national coverage at the Post, where she also reported the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” series. Her work for the Post is collected here. She has »

A word from Binyamin Jolkovsky

Featured image Yesterday morning I wanted to include a word from Binyamin Jolkovsky in “Argus Hamilton reports.” Binyamin is proprietor of Jewish World Review. “I hate talking about myself,” he told me, but he got back to me at the end of the day: I’m now in my early 50s. Back in my 20s, when I started JWR, conservatives were mocked by the so-called mainstream for having the foresight in sounding the »

Queen Covid proximally

Featured image Matt Taibbi has posted his column “Covid’s Origins and the Death of Trust” in accessible form. It includes a link to the full cache of Slack messages and emails by the scientists who wrote the “The Proximal Origin of SARS CoV-2.” As Taibbi notes, this was the key article used to dismiss the possibility that Covid-19 was caused by a lab accident. The full cache of Slack messages and emails »

At WaPo, an Epic Blunder

Featured image Jennifer Rubin is a left-wing columnist for the Washington Post. So, naturally, she hates Ron DeSantis. On Friday, she published a column arguing that DeSantis’s conservative policies endanger Florida’s economy. The headline was, “Florida might pay for MAGA cruelty and know-nothingism.” Just another objective day at the office at WaPo! Unfortunately, her entire column was based on a grotesque factual error. The Washington Post has had to post a correction »

Cocaine, runnin’ all ’round WH brain

Featured image MSNBC has an update on the location of the cocaine baggie found in the White House over this past weekend. “Multiple officials” are now claiming the cocaine was found near the West Executive entrance “in a much more secure place…near the Situation Room” and next to “where, for example, the vice president’s vehicle is parked.” That is apparently supposed to be a clue and it would explain a lot. However »

Don’t forgive this!

Featured image FOX 9 is the Twin Cities Fox affiliate. Via Twitter, I see that it has gone deep on the Supreme Court case holding that President Biden lacked the authority to forgive some $430 billion in student debt with the wave of a pen. FOX 9’s Corin Hoggard covers the “story” “Burden of student debt heavier for minorities after Supreme Court ruling.” Hoggard overlooks the constitutional issue addressed by the Court »

Gary Shapley on camera

Featured image In the matter of the Biden family business — CBS News has covered the testimony of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. This is a significant development. The story is posted under the headline “IRS whistleblower in Hunter Biden probe says he was stopped from pursuing investigative leads into ‘dad’ or the ‘big guy.'” I have posted video of the segment below. Something is happening here. The New York Times has confirmed »

Inspector Clouseau on the Epstein Case

Featured image The Department of Justice inspector general has issued a final report on the death of Jeffrey Epstein, and guess what: he really did kill himself! Here’s the AP story (with key highlight added): Jeffrey Epstein, despite his high profile and a jail suicide attempt two weeks earlier, was left alone in his cell with a surplus of bed linens. Nearly all the surveillance cameras on his unit didn’t record. One »

With Jon Justice, thinking about Drew Lee

Featured image I’m joining Jon Justice in the studio tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. (Central) Minneapolis’s KTLK AM 1130 and FM 103.5. The channel can be live streamed here. Please tune in and call producer Robbie Rosenhaus to chime in on the studio line: (651) 989-5855. Jon paid tribute to his late colleague Drew Lee on Twitter over the weekend. Drew died unexpectedly on Saturday, June 25, 2022. Jon and Drew had »