The Trump tax returns

Featured image Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee released six years of former President Trump’s tax returns yesterday. Politico has posted them here. When the New York Times followed up with an emailed notice that it had published “Key Takeaways From Trump’s Tax Returns” with a “running list of insights” by three reporters, I took a look at their findings. Carter Page was under intrusive federal surveillance by the national »

The Santos clause & an addendum

Featured image I detect Seth Lipsky’s characteristic prose and train of thought in the New York Sun editorial “Yes, Virginia–There Is a Santos Clause.” Seth’s hand in the editorial makes sense: he is the editor of the Sun. The subject of the editorial is the post-election discovery that Rep.-elect George Santos is not who he said he was. The subhead summarizes the gist of the editorial: “All the falsehoods George Santos is »

A Twitter Files footnote (4)

Featured image Adam Goldman was one of the national security establishment’s go-to reporters for promotion of the Russia hoax. Indeed, Goldman “was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for national reporting on Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.” That’s the way the Times puts it. Those of us who don’t only get our news from the Times now know that it was the FBI more than any »

A Twitter Files footnote (2)

Featured image I think the ongoing story of the Twitter Files reported by Matt Taibbi et al. as a result of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is the most important story out there. The dissolution of our southern border by the Biden administration ranks up there with it. The stories share something in common. Both have received similar treatment by the mainstream media. That would be the silent treatment. Take the Star »

Money Talks, In Spanish

Featured image A political reality in today’s world is that the Left has vastly more money than the Right. That is certainly a problem, but the more important question is how each side deploys its resources. We have just emerged from an election cycle in which vast amounts of money were spent on both sides, in most cases inefficiently if not entirely fruitlessly. Some years ago, Glenn Reynolds proposed that the Koch »

Bibi feels our pain

Featured image Once and future Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no fans at the New York Times. That is old news. The Times’s antipathy to Netanyahu combines malice and stupidity, but malice certainly accounts for most of it. Netanyahu is a patriotic pro-freedom conservative. The Times hates him with the same malice it applies to prominent American conservatives with similar views. Now the Times is on Netanyahu’s case as he seeks »

On the Twitter Files (briefly)

Featured image Via Matt Taibbi’s TK News site on Substack I learn that Russell Brand has interviewed Taibbi on the Twitter Files project (video below). The subhead on his post declares that he is “Discussing the Twitter Files and other questions with a man in a great hat.” Taibbi makes some points that bear on those I have made in my “Notes on the Twitter Files” and comments with fitting brutality on »

Reparations and Blue State Blues

Featured image Last night I was a guest on Outsiders, the terrific show on Sky News Australia featuring hosts Rowan Dean, James Morrow and Rita Panahi. We talked about several recent Power Line posts, on reparations, the flight from New York State, and the war on the unvaccinated. This video covers around the first two-thirds of my appearance: It was the last Outsiders show of the year, but I look forward to »

Accountability In Journalism

Featured image For many years I have followed, off and on, the New York Times Corrections section. In years past, there were some doozies. You could search our site for many, many instances. This is a personal favorite from 2002, when Power Line was new: An article on Nov. 10 about animal rights referred erroneously to an island in the Indian Ocean and to events there involving goats and endangered giant sea »

Notes on the Twitter Files (5)

Featured image Matt Taibbi posted a sixth installment of the Twitter Files in a 45-part Twitter thread yesterday afternoon. The thread is accessible here. This review is occasioned by the posting of Taibbi’s part 6. • I posted previous installments of my notes here (December 6, on Taibbi’s part 1), here (December 11, on part 2 by Bari Weiss, part 3 by Taibbi, and part 4 by Michael Shellenberger), and here (December »

A Twitter Files footnote (1)

Featured image The Twitter Files reveal the suppression of the New York Post’s reporting on Biden family corruption at the behest of the deep state authorities with whom Twitter was collaborating. The absurd letter by 51 former intelligence officials reported by Natasha Bertrand and published by Politico was a key piece of the puzzle (to the extent it was a puzzle). Holman Jenkins takes it up in his Wall Street Journal column »

WaPo Schadenfreude

Featured image I am a day late with this, so skip it if you have already seen the video of Washington Post staffers protesting layoffs. The Washington Post’s all-hands meeting turned chaotic Wednesday after the newspaper’s publisher announced looming layoffs – and then left the room as concerned employees shouted questions. The Jeff Bezos-owned broadsheet will conduct a round of layoffs during the first quarter of 2023, publisher Fred Ryan announced during »

Not liking it

Featured image I literally liked Elon Musk’s mockery of the trans madness along with his disrespect of public health wrecking ball Anthony Fauci in the tweet below. I therefore served it up as a “Thought of the day” via Twitter’s embed function on Monday. My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 11, 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert is one of the more than 1,000,000 Twitter users who “liked” Musk’s »

Deep meaning of Hunter Biden

Featured image The Hunter Biden scandal lies at the intersection of the great reporting of the New York Post on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Biden family business, the 2020 presidential election, the deep state, the suppression of the scandal by Twitter and other social media platforms, Elon Musk, and the Twitter Files. It is an incredibly important story. Daniel Oliver shares my assessment. He places the scandal in the context of »

Our border is gone

Featured image Watching the influx of illegal aliens crossing our southern border daily, a reasonable man might conclude that we are living out the fevered dreams of a dystopian novel. The United States has lost a basic aspect of sovereignty. Control over its borders is a relic of the past. In theory, the president of the United States is legally obligated to see that the laws are faithfully executed. In practice, however, »

Sam Brinton: They are terminated

Featured image Just over two weeks ago Alpha News editor Anthony Gockowski broke the scrupulously detailed story of the alleged theft of a woman’s luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by one Sam Brinton (they, them, theirs). With his caper captured on airport surveillance video, the perpetrator was perhaps most notable as the first openly genderfluid individuals to serve in the leadership of a federal agency — in this case the deputy »

Who wants to be a Minneapolis cop?

Featured image The correct question is “Who in his right mind would want to be a Minneapolis cop?” It’s a question I have asked more than a few times on Power Line, frequently while observing the generous contributions of the Star Tribune to the climate of opinion that is shrinking the police department. Today the Star Tribune publishes an op-ed column asking “Who wants to be a Minneapolis cop?” It’s not quite »