South Carolina primary

Clinton’s firewall holds big time

Featured image A few weeks ago, I heard a young black female Bernie Sanders supporter say: “We [black people] built this country; we’re not anyone’s firewall.” How these two propositions might relate to one another, the woman did not say. Logic is not the strong suit of BlackLivesMatter. In any case, both propositions are false. Black people did not build this country, though they contributed significantly to certain aspects of its development. »

Trump wins in South Carolina; second place in doubt [UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE EVENING]

Featured image Donald Trump has already been declared the winner of the South Carolina primary, even though only around two percent of the vote is in. Trump has captured around one-third of the tabulated vote. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are neck-and-neck for second place in the early count with around 21 percent. Jeb Bush is in fourth place, but is below 10 percent. If that result holds, it almost surely will »

Gov. Haley set to endorse Marco Rubio [UPDATED]

Featured image Gov. Nikki Haley, said to be the most popular official in South Carolina, reportedly will endorse Marco Rubio at a campaign rally this evening. As endorsements go, this one is highly coveted. However, endorsements aren’t considered to have as much value as they once did. In fact, Haley endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, only to see him lose to New Gingrich. Haley is, I think, more popular now than she »

Two South Carolina polls [UPDATED]

Featured image How does the South Carolina GOP race stand after the wild debate on Saturday night? Two polls paint contrasting pictures. A poll commissioned by the South Carolina GOP House Caucus paints a bleak picture, as far as I’m concerned. It has Donald Trump way ahead at 33 percent. He is followed by a tight pack consisting of Ted Cruz (14 percent); Maraco Rubio (also at 14); Jeb Bush (13); and »