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Warp it up

Featured image In his May 14 column “Losing our fears, in war and plague,” Victor Davis Hanson recalls the monumental industrial effort that backed our effort to win World War II. Arthur Herman wrote the book on the subject. I thought of Victor’s column and Herman’s book when President Trump announced the ambitious plan to develop a COVID-19 vaccine and manufacture hundreds of millions of doses by the end of 2020. The »

The Power Line Show, Ep 180: From the White House Press Room to the Hospital Emergency Room

Featured image This week’s show features two guests who just happen to be married, which certainly makes recording convenient! Our first guest is Debra J. Saunders, the White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and former opinion columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. President Trump called on Debra last Friday in his daily virus briefing, and beyond the immediate story I was most interested in talking with Debra about what it’s »

Trump extends federal social distancing guidelines until April 30

Featured image President Trump’s suggestion that the federal social distancing guidelines might be lifted on Easter, April 12, was aspirational. This was clear from the beginning. Trump never said the guidelines would be lifted then. The anti-Trump media made more of Trump’s optimistic suggestion than was warranted. Now, we know that the guidelines will stay in place until at least April 30. Trump declared that “nothing would be worse than declaring victory »

No, Trump did not dissolve the pandemic response office

Featured image Former Obama administration officials have been claiming that President Trump and his then-national security adviser John Bolton “dissolved” the office at the White House responsible for disaster preparedness. Trump’s legion of knee-jerk critics have run with this claim. But according to Tim Morrison, the former aide to whom direction of this office was assigned, the office was not “dissolved.” It remains in operation under Morrison’s successor. Writing in the Washington »

Trumplaw: Ninth Circuit update

Featured image Writing about developments in Trumplaw here this past Sunday, I confused two Ninth Circuit decisions that were decided on the same day. Both cases are worthy of note; they are a double whammy. In the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant case, the Ninth Circuit upheld a preliminary injunction against enforcement of a rule and presidential proclamation that, together, strip asylum eligibility from “migrants” who cross into the United States along the »

Trumplaw: Three decisions

Featured image After falling for the blatant Schumination hoax, I want to note without further comment three significant appellate court decisions ruling on Trump administration policies. I link to stories on the decisions followed by links to the slip opinions of the decisions themselves. 1. “Appeals court temporarily blocks Trump administration’s ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ policy.” A federal appeals court on Friday slapped a temporary halt on the Remain-in-Mexico policy — one of the most »

Trump In the Lions’ Den

Featured image As Scott wrote earlier today, President Trump is in Davos, Switzerland, for a meeting of…whom, exactly? The Western world’s elites, I guess. Scott quoted the section of Trump’s speech that rejected the environmental catastrophism that we have all put up with for decades. News accounts have focused mostly on Trump’s supposed duel with a Swedish teenager, but that was a small portion of his speech, which was rather brilliant and »

Why Trump Will Cruise to Victory Next Year

Featured image Britain’s Sun newspaper comments on a new report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research. The Sun’s focus is Britain, but the report is highly relevant to the U.S. as well: BRITAIN’s economy has defied forecasts predicting it would be overtaken by France as a new report reveals we have cemented sixth place in the world. And by 2034 the UK’s economy is now predicted to be a quarter »

Trump combats anti-Semitism on campus

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order that will enable the government to consider discrimination against Jews to be a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. This means that colleges and universities can lose federal funding if they fail to combat discrimination against Jewish students. Trump’s move is a response to the growing number of anti-Semitic incidents on our campuses. To receive Title VI protection, Jews must »

Administration Issues Health Care Price Transparency Rules

Featured image Washington is preoccupied mostly with trivia these days, but if you scour the news you will see that important events are also taking place. Like the Trump administration’s announcement on Friday of two new rules relating to price transparency. Pretty much all non-socialists agree that price competition in medical services needs to be sharpened, and for that to happen, patients need to have skin in the game, and the wherewithal »

Eric Felten: Inside whistlegate

Featured image Eric Felten is a meticulous and literate reporter as well as one of my favorite analysts of the mysteries of Russiagate. We have previously posted Eric’s RealClearInvestigations column “Insinuendo: Why the Mueller Report doth repeat so much.” Eric waded further into the Mueller miasma in the RCI column “The shaky foundations of Mueller’s footnotes.” Eric also took up “The Mifsud mystery” and asked “Why Was the FBI Incurious About a »

Secure Servers? Coverup!

Featured image It is not news to anyone who reads this site that the Democrats have gone around the bend. But their latest attack on the Trump administration, based on the fact that transcripts of Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders have been kept on a secure server, is perhaps the most insane yet. Conversations between our president and foreign heads of state on a secure server? I should hope so! Where else »

Bolton bolts

Featured image This morning came word that President Trump has fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. Did he jump or was he pushed? Bolton states that he offered his resignation last night. Bloomberg has a good account here. I celebrated Bolton’s arrival on the job and am sorry to see him go. He is an exemplary public official and a great patriot. I wish President Trump had gelled with him, but I »

Fake news about felon voting from Jared Kushner

Featured image I wrote here about Jared Kushner’s boast to big GOP donors that felons released from jail are registering to vote as Republicans. Kushner quipped, “I guess climate change is not their No. 1 issue.” The donors, all of whom are wealthy enough to protect themselves and their families from the crimes the released felons will likely commit, had a good laugh. No doubt, some ex-cons are registering as Republicans. The »

On Regulation, Trump Exceeds His Campaign Promises [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Candidate Donald Trump famously promised to get rid of two federal regulations for every new one. With 2 1/2 years in office under his belt, he has vastly exceeded that standard. Paul Bedard reports: It was an odd, geeky campaign promise for a populist presidential candidate to make. But when Donald Trump in 2016 pledged to kill two Obama-era regulations for every new one, crowds went wild. Those cheers stuck »

New White House press secretary runs interference for media. . .literally

Featured image Stephanie Grisham is the new White House press secretary, having just replaced Sarah Sanders. Grisham has been Melania Trump’s spokesperson (and still is, I think). From what I have heard, she is decent, hard working, and tough. Today in North Korea, Grisham took on North Korean security personnel in order to enable members of the U.S. media to gain access to an area where President Trump was meeting with Kim »

Kellyanne Conway and the Hatch Act

Featured image Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway stands accused of violating the Hatch Act. The alleged violations consist mostly of comments Conway made on various news shows disparaging certain Democratic candidates such as Joe Biden, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren. I very much doubt that the Hatch Act was intended to bar the president’s political advisers from criticizing potential opponents. The Office of Special Counsel (not to be confused with Robert Mueller’s former »