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Whence Wilecia?

Featured image We are familiar with congressional scandals involving wine, women, and money. Mark Twain famously characterized Congress as our only distinctly native criminal class. The curious case of Ilhan Omar, however, presents us with something new in congressional corruption scandals. They are scandals peculiarly fitting the age of Trump. One has the sense that the scandals in which Omar finds herself implicated are about to crack open. We have the unrebutted »

Loose threads in the curious case (10)

Featured image Given the elevated attention President Trump has showered on Ilhan Omar, the Drudge Report now links to the June 23 page-one Star Tribune story by Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor under the awkward headline “New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history.” The Star Tribune story provides mainstream validation to points we have made here repeatedly over the past three years, including points we made recently in our »

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Featured image The marriage and divorce of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (I refer to him as husband number 2) and Ilhan Omar was integral to the Minnesota campaign finance board investigation of Omar over the past year. Mainstream media outlets continue to take Omar’s minimalistic account of her marital history history at face value, yet it obviously doesn’t add up. In her account Omar adverts repeatedly to her “faith tradition.” She married »

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Featured image The curious case of Ilhan Omar is full of loose threads. The resolution of the case lies in these loose threads. They now hang in plain view awaiting the hand of some enterprising investigative reporter such as David Steinberg to sew them together. I mean this series as a continuing reproach to the putative profession of journalism in the matter of Omar, now a Democratic superstar. The heart of the »

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Featured image In the first part of this series I posted my correspondence with former United States Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger. Mr. Luger’s letter of August 22, 2016, to Omar attorney Jean Brandl played an oversize role in terminating the controversy over the curious case of Ilhan Omar. Brandl, by the way, was the Omar ally who responded on Omar’s behalf to my original inquiry to the Omar campaign in August »

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Featured image Amanda Seitz and Beatrice Dupuy purport to straighten out benighted conservatives on the curious case of Ilhan Omar in the current edition of the AP’s “NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week.” The lesson is delivered in this week’s edition of the AP’s “ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that is shared widely online, including work with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories »

Loose threads in the curious case

Featured image The curious case of Ilhan Omar is close to breaking open. The Star Tribune’s long Sunday page-one story — geared to the state campaign board investigation of Omar’s 2016 legislative campaign — tells us as much. Having cracked the door to the story open back in 2016, I am not about to give it up now. The case has a number of loose threads hanging from it. One loose thread »