A Christmas Meditation from David Brooks: “A Holy Friend”

Featured image David Brooks comes in for a lot of heavy weather from conservatives for supposedly going native at the New York Times, and especially his early fondness for Obama, but let’s not go too far overboard here: he just said he liked the crease in Obama’s pants, and didn’t go all leg-tingly like Chris Matthews.   And if you follow him closely, you’ll have noted that he stopped saying much about Obama »

Obama, Cuba and Iran

Featured imageIn his regular Wednesday email to subscribers (you can subscribe at no cost here), the Weekly Standard’s Jonathan Last draws attention to Allahpundit’s December 18 Hot Air post “White House aides: Obama feels liberated and ready to be the president he always wanted to be.” Allahpunit takes up the implications of the Obama administration’s thawing of relations with Cuba in the context of the administration’s ongoing negotiations with Iran. Submitted »

Three Christmas Videos

Featured imageThis is very cool, from (I think) a German grocery store chain: This is a short video of a dog wearing a Santa had and riding around on a Roomba, which evidently is a simple robot vacuum cleaner: The dog is having a more active Christmas Day than I am. This one isn’t actually a Christmas video at all. It features a brief encounter between a kangaroo and a drone, »

Thomas Friedman’s misguided end-zone dance

Featured imageYesterday, I mentioned that Thomas Friedman is taunting Vladimir Putin for being exposed by the drop in oil prices as a “delusional thug” who, with oil tide receding, is now “swimming naked.” Friedman is also taunting conservatives for having been impressed by Putin’s successes, which is rich coming from a columnist who has long been in the tank for Communist China’s one-party rule. Not surprisingly, Friedman misses the point of »

Santa’s Gifts to the World’s Dictators

Featured imagePaul wrote yesterday that among the world’s clear winners in 2014 were ISIS, Bashar al-Assad and Iran. To that list we can add the Castro brothers, who may have been rescued from the trash heap by President Obama’s gratuitous aid. Michael Ramirez depicts President Obama as Santa, only he’s gotten his naughty and nice lists confused. Click to enlarge: »

Merry Christmas!

Featured imageTo all of our readers and friends, whatever you are doing this Christmas holiday, we hope you are doing it merrily! Posting may be light on account of the holiday; then again, we may have time on our hands and post up a storm, so check back frequently. And here is a pro tip for the holiday season: if you get into a political argument with your brother-in-law, you can »

Green Weenie of the Year: Andrew Cuomo

Featured imageThere is fierce competition for Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie of the Year Award. Up until just a few days ago I’d have said that the Westboro Environmentalists (better known by their trade name “Greenpeace”) had our annual supreme Weenie award locked up for their appalling stunt in Peru earlier this month, where the Westboro Environmental narcissists defaced a millennia-old Inca archeological site. There’s been some late entries in the »

A word from Jason Riley

Featured imageJason Riley is a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and author of Please Stop Helping Us. He has powerfully condemned the disgusting currents of disgrace and dishonesty running through the Obama administration’s war on law enforcement. The video below (transcript here) captures him in outstanding form on the FOX News Special Report panel this week. Will somebody say amen? Via Jason Riley’s Twitter feed. »

To stand with the police

Featured imagePresident Obama is dispatching Vice President Biden to attend the funeral of murdered NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos this weekend. Officer Ramos leaves a wife and teenage sons behind. Jaden Ramos is the younger of the two sons. On Sunday he took to Facebook to post a distraught message declaring it the worst day of his life. He subsequently added: Today I had to say bye to my father. He was »

Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Tomorrow Morning

Featured imageFor those of you up and about at the 8 am hour eastern time tomorrow, I’ll be a guest on the Bill Bennett radio show, doing a sort of “year in review” recap with Bill’s happy crew (Chris Beach, Claude Jennings, and David Wilesol–Chris and David pictured below with some other guy), who are subbing for Bill.  Should be fun.  I’ll give out my ultimate Green Weenie of the Year, »

Communists Are Behind the Anti-Police Protests In New York

Featured imageBeginning way back in 2002, we wrote about International A.N.S.W.E.R., a Communist organization that was founded in September 2001 and that organized substantial antiwar demonstrations during the Bush administration. A.N.S.W.E.R. embodied within itself the seeming contradiction between the far left and Islamic extremism: it enthusiastically supported both Kim il Jung and Saddam Hussein, and is directed in part by the Muslim Student Association. Our earliest posts on A.N.S.W.E.R. have been »

Assad and ISIS are 2014′s biggest winners, thanks in part to Obama

Featured imageDuring the next few days, pundits will be designating their “winners and losers” of 2014. There can be little doubt about the year’s two biggest winners. Clearly, they are Bashar al-Assad and ISIS. Third place goes to Iran, which finds itself in greatly improved economic shape and within striking distance of becoming a nuclear power. But that’s nothing compared to Assad’s remarkable, turnaround year. As Seth Mandel, quoting NPR, reminds »

What a receding tide reveals

Featured imageUkraine’s parliament voted yesterday to remove a legal impediment to joining the NATO defense alliance. The vote ends Ukraine’s “non-aligned” status which it had adopted to assure Russia it would not join NATO. 303 members out of a possible 450 voted for the change. They did so knowing that NATO will not accept Ukraine as a member in the foreseeable future. Membership would carry with it security guarantees. And, as »

Teenager Shot In Missouri: So What?

Featured imageOne of this morning’s big news stories is the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Antonio Martin by a policeman in Berkeley, Missouri–a place that, the Associated Press tells us helpfully, is “just a few miles from Ferguson.” The Antonio Martin shooting is currently the top story on Google News, and it is being headlined on pretty much every newspaper’s website. But why? What makes this a major news story? The Michael »

For Your Holiday Listening/Viewing Pleasure

Featured imageIf you’re tired of watching the umpteeth rerun of Burl Ives narrating the obvious Communist parable about the red-nosed reindeer, then here are two new electronic distractions worth taking in. First, our friends at Liberty Fund have done a terrific podcast with William Voegeli, author of The Pity Party.  (And as I’ve been saying for weeks, you can’t have a good party without inviting the author of The Pity Party. »

For New York leftists, Pottersville represents a wonderful life

Featured imageIn response to my post “Bedford Falls or Pottersville,” my conservative cousin from New York advises me that, in his state, the left has already opted for Pottersville. He writes: In 21st century New York, George Bailey and his buddy the wealthy manufacturer Wainwright would be seen as environmental terrorists trying to build a manufacturing plant that could pollute the Bedford Falls water supply. By contrast, Henry Potter’s gambling dens »

Our Runaway Government

Featured imageThe Wall Street Journal offered a remarkable detail in its news story today about the IRS targeting of “icky” conservative groups: Internal Revenue Service officials considered imposing a tax on large donations to many tax-exempt political organizations in 2011, recently released emails show, a move that could have disproportionately hurt conservative activists. . . Establishing such groups as tax-exempt entities is attractive, because it allows organizers to keep donors’ identities »