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Thanksgiving in Pictures: Gobble Edition

Featured image As usual I’ve got a huge inventory of cartoons, pics, and memes for Saturday, so I thought a Thanksgiving-themed preview is in order. One of these reminds me of an old Reagan line about Detente with the Soviet Union: “Detente—isn’t that what a farmer has with the turkey—until Thanksgiving?” Yup. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. And finally. . . Oh what the heck, why not: »

The New Yorker Becomes The Onion

Featured image Oh, good grief. The New Yorker is trying to give the New York Times a run for its money as the most pathetic attempt to put The Onion out of business: Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace By Jason Box and Naomi Klein . . . The connection between warming temperatures and the cycle of Syrian violence is, by now, uncontroversial. As Secretary of State John Kerry said »

The New York Times Becomes The Onion

Featured image The New York Times editorial page (insert guffaws here) has just discovered, a few days after the brightest and best at Princeton, what conservatives have known for decades: Woodrow Wilson was a racist! They still haven’t been able to connect the dots between Wilson’s racism and his progressive ideology, nor grasp the irony that Wilson was merely aiming to provide blacks with a “safe space,” as we say nowadays. We »

The College Problem Begins in High School

Featured image Run, don’t walk, to take in Jonathan Haidt’s latest article at his splendid new site HeterodoxAcademy about how the trouble on college campuses is inculcated at the high school level. Remember that Haidt is a liberal, but one chastened by reality. The whole thing is worth taking in, but here is a sample about his recent experience delivering a talk at a high school in California: [The discussion period] was the most »

Forget ISIS: Climate Change Caused Hitler!

Featured image Good news for John Kerry and Bernie Sanders. It turns out that global warming caused Hitler and Nazism! Since I’ve already done my “Hitler Learns About. . .” video for this month, I’ll just have to throw to Steven Goddard’s Real Science, which dug up this gem from the Mason City Gazette in 1941: Goddard has more at the link above, including how the CIA in the 1970s said global »

Mea Trumpa, Mea Maxima Trumpa!

Featured image Back in early July I took to the op-ed pages of the Los Angeles Times to analyze the phenomenon of Donald Trump, placing him in the context of business-protest candidates past like Ross Perot, and predicting confidently at the end that “He’ll be gone by Thanksgiving.” With turkey carving 48 hours away (mine is brining peacefully right now), it doesn’t look like my prediction is going to come true. I »

One Stop Shopping for College Hall of Shame

Featured image The other day we posted the one-stop-shopping site for fake hate crimes, but now we can share the one-stop-shopping site for all of the growing demands of student protestors: Nice of the protestors to gather all of their absurdity in one handy place. Like this one from Tufts: 1.     We demand that Black-identifying students make up 13 percent of Tufts undergraduate population. “Black-identifying students?” Good to know Rachel Dolezal has »

Princeton Students Fight Back

Featured image A group of sensible Princeton students is standing up to the mob, and demanding that Princeton’s president Eisgruber do the same. The whole statement deserves to be seen: The Legislative Committee of the Princeton Open Campus Coalition has sent the following letter to President Eisgruber: Dear President Eisgruber, We write on behalf of the Princeton Open Campus Coalition to request a meeting with you so that we may present our »

The Spreading Virus, Yoga Edition

Featured image By this point I can’t tell what’s genuine on college campuses and what are hoaxes or Onion parodies. I was sure the story about a yoga class being suspended at a Canadian university because yoga is a “cultural appropriation” was a satire—or is it yogurt classes, because invasive bacteria or something? Anyway, it turns out the story is true: A free yoga class has been suspended after student leaders at »

Hitler Learns About the New Campus Unrest

Featured image It must be miserable to be a liberal on campus right now, because you can’t keep up with the leftist demands for political correctness that you have no foundation for resisting (since comtemporary liberalism amounts to epistemological disarmament). Witness the witless Prof. Geoffrey Stone of the University of Chicago writing yesterday in the Puffington Host: After all, if Woodrow Wilson is to be obliterated from Princeton because his views about »

Your One-Stop Hate Crime Hoax Database

Featured image John has already updated his previous post with Heather McDonald’s case that the latest “hate crime” at Harvard Law School is likely a hoax, but even if it is genuine, most such incidents on campus are hoaxes, and they won’t stop until hoaxers are dealt with seriously, instead of indulged because it fits “the narrative.” Fortunately, there is now, which will keep up a database of hate crime hoaxes »

Koch, Exxon, Dow Chemical Get Demoted!

Featured image It’s getting so hard to keep up with the serial beclownings on the college campuses that I’m having to take anti-dizziness medication. But there’s one little snippet from the ongoing disgrace at the Claremont Colleges (where the presidents of the five undergraduate colleges in the cluster seem to be in a competition to see who can cave the farthest the fastest) that bears special note. According to a fine report »

The Week in Pictures: Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee Edition

Featured image The question of accepting refugees threatens to become a petty squabble (heh), but the fact that so many Democrats headed for the tall grass on the House vote this week shows that at least a few understand that a large number of Americans simply have no confidence that the government has any of this in hand. Gee—I wonder what could ever give them that idea. After all, ISIS is contained! »

A Campus Backlash?

Featured image In 1968, Richard Nixon campaigned on behalf of the “silent majority,” and for a time it put his enemies on the defensive. Likewise, I think there is an equivalent “silent majority” on college campuses who disagree or have contempt for the politically correct mob. But just as mobs are hard to oppose when they reach critical mass, there aren’t many ways of bringing effective opposition to the PC mob—especially when »

Green Weenie of the Week: EPA’s Top Climate Strategist

Featured image In 2013 President Obama named Janet McCabe to head the EPA’s Of­fice of Air and Radiation, which oversees the EPA’s ambitious “Clean Power Plan” to suppress greenhouse gas emissions and stop globul worming. But E & E News reported recently: When her workweek winds down, McCabe returns to her home in Indianapolis, where she has lived since 1993 and from where she commutes to Washington, D.C., every week. “My mind is »

Groucho for (College) President

Featured image How about Groucho Marx for college president? Maybe instead of saying “horsefeathers!” to all the nonsense on campus, we should just do a screening of Horse Feathers. But I’m sure it would require a trigger warning. President Groucho: “We’re neglecting football for education!” “Where will the students sleep?” “Where they always sleep—the classroom!” “I think you know what the trustees can do with their suggestions.” »

Occupy the Campus

Featured image News this morning is that Princeton University is going to “consider” student demands that Woodrow Wilson’s name be removed from the campus. The New York Times reports: The document held administrators to a series of spoken statements they had “verbalized” during the sit-in and committed them to write emails “to initiate the process to consider removal” of a mural of Wilson from a cafeteria in a residential college named after »