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More Comedy from the Times

Featured image As I mentioned the other day, standup comedians employ what they call “runners,” which are themes and punch lines they set up for recurrent laughs. Think of Jerry Seinfeld’s “did you ever notice. . .” or “not that there’s anything wrong with that” schtick. Only days after the New York Times pranked us with their endorsement of John Kasich for the GOP nomination, they have returned with another of their »

Jimmy Carter Endorses Ted Cruz!

Featured image Well not really, but as with Damon Linker’s article attacking Marco Rubio, it reads like high praise of Cruz indeed. Speaking earlier today in London, old peanut brain said that if he had to choose, he preferred Donald Trump because Trump is more “malleable.” Here’s the report from The Mirror: “If I had a choice of Republican nominees, between Cruz and Trump, I think I would choose. Trump – which »

About Rubio [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Up to this point I’ve left the Rubio beat to John, who has endorsed him, and Paul, who I think remains skeptical or opposed because of his dubious dealings with Democrats on immigration and the egregiously bad “Gang of Eight” bill. [Paul is welcome to confirm or refine this here if he wants.] My own sense of things is that Rubio knows he screwed up big time on immigration, and »

Bernie Sanders, Movie Star!

Featured image Did you know that Bernie Sanders once played a rabbi in a low-budget “comedy” (as Rabbi Manny Shevitz—no, really, that’s his character’s name), My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception (1999). I like some of the comments on IMDB about it: “This is downright painful. . . This is a cute movie but really only for Deborah Gibson fans.” Painful indeed, though I have to say, Sanders’s cameo sounds just like one of his campaign »

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Featured image Who is Hillary Clinton? It turns out even the left doesn’t know. The Nation is advertising a book by this title, collecting many of their essays about the Dowager Countess of Chappaqua. Their description of the book, however, is nearly as comical as a New York Times editorial: Who is Hillary Clinton? is a fascinating time-lapse depiction of the leading Democratic presidential candidate as seen from the left. . . Stop »

Move Over, Pajama Boy. . .

Featured image Forget Pajama Boy. Democrats have a new icon for the the 2016 race, and he’s already being called “Sticker Boy.” Watch over Hillary’s right shoulder as she drones on in her Iowa “victory” speech last night (it’s a bonus, as we see how dreadful she is speaking on the stump). What in the world is going through this guy’s mind? (And notice how CNN helpfully zooms in to try to »

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Featured image Keep in mind that four years ago it took some days to figure out that Rick Santorum had narrowly won the Iowa caucus vote on the GOP side, contrary to what was reported on election night. (Also worth filing away for another time that Santorum’s appeal probably owed as much to his own Trump-like appeal to economic nationalism as it did to his social conservatism.) This comes to mind with »

More Iowa Notes

Featured image The rest of the gang has already weighed in with useful thoughts, but to paraphrase the great political philosopher Marx (Groucho), if you don’t like these thoughts, we have others! Scott and others have mentioned the significance of Cruz winning while opposing Iowa’s sacrosanct ethanol madness. I recall meeting, some years ago, with a presidential candidate before his announcement to talk about energy policy, and when I suggested that the »

And Now for Something Completely Cleesey

Featured image We’re reported here before about how more and more comics such as Jerry Seinfeld won’t appear on college campuses because they’ve become politically correct humor-free zones, so it’s nice to see the estimable John Cleese showing up to join the chorus, admitting that he, too, is reluctant to appear any more on college campuses. Shouldn’t this become an embarrassment to college administrators and trustees at some point? »

Finally! A Good Reason to Vote for Trump

Featured image This Politico story makes the case that a Trump presidency could do a lot of good even if he never showed up for work: Poll: 25 percent of federal employees would quit under Trump presidency By Nick Gass About 1-in-4 federal employees would consider leaving their jobs if Donald Trump is elected president, according the results of a recent survey conducted by the Government Business Council. Overall, about 2-in-3, or 67 percent »

Today’s Outstanding Academic Gibberish

Featured image Today’s outstanding academic gibberish comes to us courtesy of Vassar, where Wednesday night you can take in the following lecture: Inhumanist Biopolitics: How Palestine Matters. Lecture by Professor Jasbir Puar This lecture theorizes oscillating relations between disciplinary, pre-emptive, and increasingly prehensive forms of power that shape human and non-human materialities in Palestine. Calculation, computing, informational technologies, surveillance, and militarization are all facets of prehensive control. Further, the saturation of spatial »

Green Weenie of the Week: Green Buildings

Featured image The leftist hive is in a tizzy about the water supply screw up in Flint, Michigan, because it offers the opportunity to attack a Republican governor, which is the main thing to do in life. (I don’t recall a similar outrage over high arsenic levels in the public water supply in Albuquerque, New Mexico, several years back, but Albuquerque is run by Democrats, so no opportunity there.) Meanwhile, the environmental »

Comedy Writing at the NY Times

Featured image There are some days I wonder whether the editorial page of the New York Times is really just a training ground for deadpan comedy writers. Surely Leslie Nielsen and Lloyd Bridges at their faux-serious best in Airplane! can’t match the ironic hilarity of the Times editorial endorsements yesterday of Hillary Clinton and John Kasich. Of Hillary Clinton, for example, the Times tells us: Democratic primary voters, on the other hand, »

More Sass and Sense From Ben Sasse

Featured image I think Power Line was among the very first outfits (after Mark Hemingway at the Weekly Standard) to take note of Ben Sasse of Nebraska back in 2013, when he was still in academia and a run for U.S. Senate was notional, but by now people are starting to wake up to the fact that he’s the real deal. In this 90-second clip, NBC’s Chuck Todd asks Senator Sasse to »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpless Debate Edition

Featured image I have to say, the GOP debate Thursday night just wasn’t the same without The Donald. I had to treat it like an old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, supplying my own taunts in place of the insults and grandiosities that Trump would have provided. (And suddenly Bernie is reluctant to debate? What’s that about?) Meanwhile, just as we might be on the cusp of having a president with a »

Rubio Bags the Crom Endorsement

Featured image Michael Cromartie (“the Crom” to me for 30 years now) is the most significant person in Washington DC that you’ve never heard of. And that’s just the way he likes it. Not because he’s a backroom K Street wire puller from the shadows of House of Cards. To the contrary: he is the rarest thing you can find in Washington: a truly honest broker; a person of faith, understated on »

Donald Trump, Masterpiece Theatre Edition

Featured image I know I’m not the first to suggest that some of the elite disdain of Donald Trump arises from the class conflicts peculiar to New York City. He’s obviously an outer borough man, and while you might let him build your high rise luxury condo on the Upper West Side, you certainly wouldn’t invite him to dinner with your pals from The New Yorker and the board of the Met. »