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Don’t tell Glenn Reynolds

Featured image It’s been nearly a month since Glenn Reynolds voiced his recurring refrain: “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER GODDAMN THING ABOUT MY CARBON FOOTPRINT.” Glenn reserves the refrain for links to stories reporting egregious overconsumption of carbon-based fuels by liberal hypocrites concerned about your contributions to global warming climate change. Glenn’s refrain comes to mind in connection with the recent story reporting “Obama, first lady fly to Los Angeles on »

At the National Archives, living in fear

Featured image The Free Beacon reports on the news buried in an op-column by AP president Gary Pruitt on the undermining of the Freedom of Information Act by “authorities” (to use Pruitt’s anodyne term) responsible for compliance with it. “We’re talking about this issue now because of Sunshine Week,” Pruitt explains, “created a decade ago to showcase the laws that give Americans the right to know what their government is up to. »

The Hillary approved email server!

Featured image Steve’s friend Remy seeks to capitalize on Madam Hillary’s approach to the preservation of electronic records. He is marketing “DC Matic, the Hillary approved email server” (video below). Here’s how it works: First you select the government business you’d like to conceal from the public. Then, simply use DC Matic’s proprietary privacy controls to fix the problem. Simple as that! Having two email addresses is confusing and a terrible idea. »

CRB: The achievement of Martin Gilbert

Featured image Our friends at the Claremont Review of Books have just published their Winter number and, as usual, let me pick three reviews to preview for our readers. You can subscribe here for $19.95 and have immediate online access thrown in for free. Tributes to Harry V. Jaffa lead off the new issue. Jaffa was the guiding spirit of the CRB; the CRB calls on a handful of his former students »

Kerry huffs and puffs

Featured image John Kerry appeared on Face the Nation this morning in a prerecorded interview with Margaret Brennan (video below). Kerry huffed and puffed about the letter drafted by Senator Cotton about the constitutional principles applicable to the deal in process with Iran. There is a certain sympathetic logic to Brennan’s otherwise insane question: “Are you going to apologize [to Iran} for this letter?” Kerry indignantly responds that he will not apologize »

Tom Cotton defends his letter

Featured image Senator Tom Cotton appeared on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this morning (video below). Schieffer grilled and derided Senator Cotton about the letter he drafted setting forth the basic constitutional principles applicable to the deal in process with Iran. Senator Cotton’s remarks should now be viewed in the context of Obama chief of staff Dennis McDonough’s letter last night to Senator Corker, of which Schieffer seemed not to be »

Dennis McDonough explains

Featured image Our attention should remain riveted on President Obama’s deal in process with Iran. It will put Iran on a path to the development of nuclear weapons to be mounted on Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. It will undo the sanctions regime intended to prevent this outcome. And in the meantime it will contribute financing to Iran’s exploits as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, not to mention the regime’s genocidal »

But why always Hillary?

Featured image Looking around for worthy items to post in our Picks this morning, I find a famous line from Middlemarch comes to mind: “But why always Dorothea?” In this case, of course, the question would be “But why always Hillary?” We know the answer, but it’s still a good question. For some reason, political reporters and commentators want to write about Madam Hillary this weekend, and they all have something sharp »

Kerry reassures Iran’s Supreme Leader [With Observation By John]

Featured image The letter drafted by Senator Tom Cotton sets forth basic constitutional principles applicable to the executive agreement into which President Obama will enter with Iran. The letter continues to reverberate. Speaking in Egypt on his way to work more on the deal, Secretary of State Kerry purported to take issue with the letter. Jay Solomon reports in today’s Wall Street Journal (the article is accessible here via Google): Secretary of »

Notes on “Middlemarch” (3)

Featured image This is the finale (to borrow the term Eliot applies to her conclusion) of my notes on Middlemarch. Previous installments are here (part 1) and here (part 2). Middlemarch begins and ends with Dorothea Brooke. The novel opens with a Prelude and closes with a Finale that frame Dorothea’s story with that of Saint Theresa (as the novel spells her name). The novel’s first paragraph reads: Who that cares much »

Obama (fake) embarrassed

Featured image Politico picks up on an interview with President Obama that I would otherwise have missed (video below). In it Obama comments on the letter signed by the 47 GOP Senators setting forth the basic constitutional principles applicable to Obama’s deal in process with his friends in Tehran. Politico reports: President Barack Obama said he’s “embarrassed” for the 47 Republican senators who signed a letter to Iranian leaders earlier this week. »

The UN angle [updated] [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Reuters has broken an important story on the conniving to convert President Obama’s deal in process with Iran from an executive agreement into some compulsory form of international law. Reuters reports: Major world powers have begun talks about a United Nations Security Council resolution to lift U.N. sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck with Tehran, a step that could make it harder for the U.S. Congress to »

Notes on “Middlemarch” (2)

Featured image Though Middlemarch has a large cast of characters involved in intricately related plots, Dorothea Brooke stands out as the book’s heroine. The narrative begins and ends with her. Book I of the novel’s eight Books is “Miss Brooke.” She is a young woman of simple beauty and surpassing decency. She yearns idealistically to benefit humanity, or subordinate herself as the helpmate of a great man like John Milton in his »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll returns in aggressively transgressive form with COMPETITIVE VICTIMHOOD. She writes: We Americans are just naturally competitive. I don’t care if Little League doesn’t keep score; the kids know who won. (And God Bless the Ten Run Rule without which we’d still be there.) One Sabbath long ago our rabbi told this little parable, which I must paraphrase from memory since I have no idea where he got it. »

Khameni goes Democrat on the letter

Featured image Is Islamic Republic of Iran Supreme Leader Khameni a “hard-liner” in the eyes of Barack Obama, or one of the good guys at the top of the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism? I’m not clear on that. Maybe some inquiring reporter can take a run at getting an answer from Josh Earnest at a White House press briefing this week. The AP reports that Ayatollah Khameni has now commented on »

Michelle’s Inferno

Featured image In her most recent column, Michelle Malkin finds herself in Obamacare hell. Her column is “Obamacare’s 1095-A nightmare.” Michelle first lost her private family health insurance last year as a result of Obamacare. Michelle told the story in her 2013 column “Obama lied, my health plan died.” Founded on skein of lies, Obamacare is a well wrought engine of destruction. The ninth circle of Dante’s hell was reserved for those »

Notes on “Middlemarch”

Featured image On Monday I finished reading George Eliot’s great Victorian novel Middlemarch for the first time. I have tried and failed to finish it several times; it’s not easy reading. At a few points it is, briefly, a slog. Although the ending of the novel remains a subject of debate, I believe it is not happy. Nevertheless, for me the novel had a happy ending. I finished the book. What did »